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    Botanique Pvt Ltd has established a state-of-the-art Plant Tissue Culture facility at Kerala, India, besides setting up several hardening centers and captive plantation sites across the country, for proven as well as experimental plant varieties. The focus is on various varieties of Horticulture and Floriculture and R&D in different agriculture/ornamental crops

     Botanique Pvt Ltd develops new protocols as well as standardizes protocols for micro propagation to produce Tissue Culture plants for domestic and International Markets.


 Botanique Pvt Ltd also provides Cultivation Technology as a service, besides Contract Production and Research in the following products:
• Horticulture: Banana, Ginger, Seed Planting materials.

• Floriculture: Anthurium, Astil be, Calla Lilly, Campsis, Clematis, Day lilly, Gerbera, Heauchera, Lilium, Limonium, and various Orchids

• Ornamental: Alpinia, Calathea, Cordylines, Diffenbachia, Ficus, Hosta, Nandina, Philodendron, Schefflera, Syngonium and Yucca, Spathphylam different varieties.

• Plantation: Bamboo, Cardamom, and Teak
Services offered in Contract Production and Research   Services are also offered in Cultivation Technology
• Exclusive contract production of plants, either using protocol supplied by the client or utilizing protocols available in-house for clients from India and overseas.

• Micro-propagation of cultures supplied by the customer

• Development of commercially viable tissue culture production protocols, if desired by the customer
• Detailed package of practices

• Field inspection and advice by qualified and experienced agronomists
Quality Assurance   Current Infrastructure

• Process quality is assured through daily checks of the dissection and growth room parameters. Visual as well as microscopic checks for contamination are done on daily basis.

• Virus indexing of all stock materials is done before commercial production

• Sterile area parameters are constantly monitored

  High quality Tissue Cultured plants are produced in the state-of-the-art facility in Kerala and are distributed across various states across the length and width of India through our various growers and hardening centers located at Kerala and Karnataka. So far millions of Tissue Cultured plants have been distributed across the states in the country.

     Previously Botanique Pvt. Ltd markets Tissue Cultured plants in India and also exports to Europe & Middle East.

     Botanique Pvt. Ltd has a high quality system in place to ensure selection of elite mother plants devoid of diseases. It also adheres to strict quality control, plant quarantine and other norms at each stage before dispatch.


• Tissue Culture Labs

• Controlled Poly Houses in different States

• Green House

• Virus indexing

Ginger Multi Cultures
Tissue Culture Ginger After 120 Days
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